Ram Jo’s Lyrics Rocked In Kokkorokko Song!!

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Ram Jo’s Lyrics Rocked In Kokkorokko Song!!

We’ve seen some fantastic actors who never even know how the smell of alcohol is like, have delivered mind-blowing performances on the silver screen in drunkard roles. And now, it looks like a similar thing has happened when it comes to talking about Chicken by a strict vegetarian.

Ramjogayya Sastry, the magical lyric writer of Telugu Film Industry, has now come up with a song about the daily lives of ‘chicken’ which according to him sacrifices his/her life to give us gastronomic pleasure. For the film “Vijetha” that features Megastar Chiranjeevi’s son in law Kalyaan Dhev Kanuganti as a hero, RamJo has written super hitting lyrics for the “Ko Kokkoroko” song.

A Sample Lyric For You

“Desaniki Pranaalu Ichhevare soldiers-u.. Ma deham kosam pranalu ichhe neeke salutes-u. Ne tyaaganiki rende rendu tear drops-u.. nuvvu ekkadunna gaani rest in peace-u”

That is the kind of love RamJo expressed for Chicken saying that this particular animal is the favourite of humans as it turns into curry, leg piece, fry, tandoori and etc when cooked in any place including a pot, bamboo bongu and served in KFC bucket of Buffalo wings. 

Definitely, such non-veg treat coming from Sastry garu’s pen is too much for vegetarians but masala guys and girls are enjoying the song. Abbabbah Sastry garu, you rocked!! Directed by Rakesh Sashi and bankrolled by Sai Korrapati, Vijetha features Kalyaan Dhev and Malavika Nair in the leads.

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