Mahesh Babu sponsors “Free Sports Rehab Center” program

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Mahesh Babu has been supporting an NGO which has been conducting health camps in slum area consistently for as far back as 6 years by serving in excess of 150 patients every day.

NRI SEVA Foundation group moved toward Namratha Shirodkar and displayed their work since April 2012 with their reliable sources they are doing services for poor people and been sans giving health services, principally Physiotherapy by treating in excess of 45,000 patients out of which more than 2500 are out of commission patients who experienced stroke (Paralysis patients), head wounds, Kids with Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and numerous other pediatric conditions.

Subsequent to seeing NRI SEVA’s true endeavors to serve mankind unobtrusively, Namratha persuaded Mahesh to help the association through various compassionate administrations for the nation. Out of which, they have begun with town improvement venture in both Telugu states and furthermore Mahesh supported for one of their one of a kind program for underprivileged National Athletes “Games Performance Assessment and Enhancement Center” which comprises of three segments, for example, Athlete Rehabilitation; Sports Injury aversion and administration; and Fitness preparing techniques with contributions from Sports Sciences in Gachibowli Stadium premises, to help Indian National players to win International awards.

In the main stage, Athletes Rehabilitation focus has been begun in the stadium. They are likewise intending to launch a super “Group Development Program” through games with help of NRI SEVA i.e advancement of group mentors in each town of Telangana State which can prompt expertise improvement at net root level, members strengthening, formation of ability pool and distinguishing proof of right gifts consequently and advancing glad and solid way of life among kids and so on.,

Harish Kolasani the organizer of NRI Seva has specified that with the help of Mahesh Babu NRI SEVA will actualize manageable undertakings in towns to enable ladies, youngsters and seniors while including local people to take an interest in building up their towns and influence them to acknowledge about their obligation to help kindred creatures.

Harish additionally said that, since Mahesh and Namratha have been supporting the association for their vanity since a couple of months, we’ve not released this news before “Bharat Ane Nenu” film release which may resemble a film promotion. I was extremely flabbergasted to witness how tenderly and discreetly they help other people that are in genuine need and we are so pleased to get their immediate help to the association.


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