CM Fires On Cut & Paste Video!

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CM Fires On Cut & Paste Video!

The social war between the IT wings of both TDP and YCP continues. The fresh twist to this ongoing social war is an alleged video released by YCP’s social media team is creating ripples as it purportedly show some comments of TDP MPs on the hunger strike. The comments of a few TDP MPs such as Avanti Srinivas, Murali Mohan have kicked up storm as they seem to be ridiculing their own hunger strike protest demanding Kadapa steel plant.

Coming down heavily on this ‘cut and paste’ video, CM Chandrababu Naidu warned miscreants of strict action for ‘fake’ propaganda against genuine Deeksha fighting against the Centre for the gross injustice meted out to AP. Chandrababu has convened a teleconference with the TDP MPs over the leaked video and asked them to be very conscious while speaking as the Opposition parties are leaving no stone un turned to demean their protest. He said Rs 5 Crore people of Andhra Pradesh are looking up to their Deeksha, Naidu took a brief class to TDP MPs.

He also shot back at YCP for playing cheap tricks. He said envious YCP which couldn’t do any Deeksha or fight against the BJP is taking ‘cheap’ routes to target TDP MPs whose Deeksha got national attention. 

Meanwhile, MP Murali Mohan and Avanti Srinivas have explained Naidu about the incident and the conversation that took place between them at AP Bhavan in New Delhi. They have appealed to Naidu that their comments have been deleted and conveniently used the ‘cut and paste’ comments by Opposition party for their political advantage. Murali Mohan told Chandrababu that he had said he would ready to sit on for a hunger strike at the age of 75 and said that these comments have been deliberately removed by the YCP. Avanti Srinivas also told Naidu his case.

Chandrababu told them to become extra cautious over their comments and asked them to work together in these circumstances. Naidu asked the TDP MPs and leaders to take a unified stand over the issues.

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