Centre submits draft Cauvery management scheme in Supreme Court

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Centre submits draft Cauvery management scheme in Supreme Court

The case of Cauvery water was affected by the fact that no party had a clear majority in the Karnataka Assembly election results. Recently Center has submitted a draft in the wake of the Cauvery Management Board in Tamil Nadu to Supreme Court. Now the Supreme Court has been asked to postpone the case as there is no clarity on the election verdict by Karnataka. But Tamil Nadu did not agree with this. People are concerned about the consequence in these two states in coming days.

In the wake of the long-running Cauvery river water dispute, the Supreme Court gave a ruling in February that Karnataka should have more TMCs than Tamil Nadu. There are concerns in Tamil Nadu regarding this verdict. As Tamil Nadu government has asked Supreme court to set up a Cauvery Management Board, Supreme Court on Wednesday warned Karnataka to allocate four more TMCs of cauvery water to Tamil Nadu, otherwise Karnataka has to face consequences. But Karnataka did not agree with this. Now as draft was submitted, we have to wait for the Supreme Court decision on allocating management board in Tamil Nadu.

On the other hand, Kannada politics took a mercy turn with hung as there is no proper majority to form government for any party. BJP has emerged as the largest party with 104 seats. On the other hand Congress, won 78 seats, JDs won just 38 seats. With this Congress-JDS alliance to form bigger party to call for the formation of the first government, Congress former Chief Minister met Governor for forming Government in Congress-JDS alliance. On the other hand BJP CM candidate Yeddyurappa also met Governor for forming Government. The Governor has to make a decision on this. 

Out of 222 seats in Karnataka Assembly elections a part need 113 seats to form a government, but BJP is 9 seats away to form government and congress and JDS alliance will meet the target. Let us see who will form the government.

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