BigBoss2 Elimination Starts!!

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BigBoss2 Elimination Starts!!

Despite the fact that there is some underlying dissatisfaction about the selection of contenders, Big Boss 2 is satisfying the desires with a large number of them enjoying governmental issues, battles and contentions inside the house. The masala is just getting spicier and greater consistently.

The previous evening, the main ever disposal is done and the one to confront the hatchet is none other than demonstrate Sanjana Anne, who entered the show as a normal person. A model and Miss Hyderabad contender who hailed from Vijayawada, she has shot to notoriety after prisoners have sent her to imprison directly following 10 minutes post her entrance into the house. From that point forward, she has vent exhaust on numerous different prisoners and furthermore slipped into warmed contentions with any semblance of Tejaswi Madivada.

With others like RJ Ganesh, Kireeti Damireddy, Nuthan Naidu, Deepthi Sunaina and Kaushal who are in the end zone, numerous didn’t expect that Sanjana will be indicated entryways as she’s including fiery masala with her discussions and acts. Additionally, she got wearing a provocative saree and cleaned up too to offer a ‘cleanser’ to prisoners as she was given that undertaking amid her voyage of challenging for captaincy.

And afterward another young lady named Nandini Rai, who happens to be the courageous woman of movies like Sudheer Babu’s Mosgallaku Mosagadu and Neelakanta’s Maaya has entered the show as a special case participant. She has won Miss Andhra Pradesh title in 2010. All things considered, she needs to enter the show on Day 1 just however a mischance kept her from doing as such it appears. We should perceive what will she convey to the house now.

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